Pour cette exposition avant les vacances, nous avons proposé à Jolien de Roo, notre lauréate 2018, d’inviter un ou une artiste de son choix.

Natasja Mabessone (1988, Belgique) a étudié à la Royal Academy of Fine Arts, Kask à Gand, actuellement en résidence au Wiels et professeur à Sint Lucas.



“My work consists of layered etchings and drawings, often shown in a handmade frame. 
In the soft ground etchings, known by their French name ‘vernis mous’, various objects, like flowers, fabrics, and embossed paper, are pressed into a soft varnish before placing the zinc or copper plate into a mordant.

This fundamental layer then concedes additional imagery, such as drawings, monoprints or more etchings, to waft on top of, through, or underneath this background.
The narrative in my work does not necessarily require a plot. Rather, the narrative potential lies in the imagery, the materiality and the underlying cultural associations or imaginary and etymological framework.

In the series Boerenbont & Bonter, four layered soft ground etchings show an individual appropriation of a well-known dutch design pattern.The ‘cosy but still renewing’ pattern alludes to a rich rural farm life, depicting green grass, blue skies and red with yellow flowers. Here, the repeated Boerenbont motif is stripped of its context and function, and placed in a reality of its own.”


Exposition jusqu’au 11 août 2019.