© Alessandro De Francesco, Remote Vision, New York: Punctum Books, 2016.
Photo: Karin Ospelt at the Kunsthalle Basel, Switzerland.
Courtesy the artist and Solang Production Paris Brussels.
Gregory Lang, Art Producer and Art Consultant, founder of Solang Production Paris Brussels, is supporting and pleased to announce Alessandro De Francesco’s upcoming performance Remote Vision – A collective reading environment for the Art Contest finalists exhibition at ADAM Brussels, on Sunday December 11th 2016 at 3 pm.

ADAM – Museum of Art & Design, Brussels
Trade Mart Brussels, Place de Belgique 1 – Belgiëplein 1 -1020 Brussels

More info available here

For Art Contest, the group of performers is constituted by students of the following Brussels Art Schools:
École de Recherche Graphique (ERG), La Cambre School for Visual Arts, and the Royal Academy of Arts (ARBA – ESA), with the collaboration of Professors Daniel Blanga Gubbay (ISAC, ARBA) and Gilles Collard (La Cambre), and with the assistance of artist and ERG student Gen Ueda, also co-director of the Remote Vision film that is screened in the exhibition.

In Remote Vision – A collective reading environment the text detaches itself from the singular subjectivity of its author and is collectively shared. Alessandro De Francesco has been developing for several years what he calls ‘reading environments’, i.e. installations and performances based on text and spoken voice. Differently to previous reading environments, this piece does not make use of digital voice processing and is not based on one reading voice only: it rather features at its core the collective human presence of the readers-performers and the simple resonation of their voices and bodies in the space. The audience is invited to grab a chair and sit freely in the middle of a group of performers reading Alessandro De Francesco’s poetry in several languages (English, French, Dutch, Italian, German, Swedish), with parts of simultaneous reading.

Performers: Estelle Czernichowski, Lucie Guien, Bruno Hardt, Jeanne-Marie Huet, Juliette Le Monnyer, Eva Maréchal, Castélie Yalombo.

Remote Vision – A collective reading environment inscribes itself in the series of iconoclastic acts and interventions defined by Alessandro De Francesco as ‘Language Art’ and ‘poetry as artistic practice’. This reading environment has been initially created for the Kunsthalle Basel (CH) and is co-produced by Solang Production Paris-Brussels. Remote Vision – A collective reading environment has been conceived in the occasion of the release of the American book Remote Vision. Poetry 1999-2015 (New York: Punctum Books, 2016), gathering in a bilingual English-Italian edition the majority of Alessandro De Francesco’s poetry and conceptual writing produced so far, and of the French book La Vision à distance, Paris: Mix., 2015.

Alessandro De Francesco’s show within the framework of the Art Contest exhibition also features several of the artist’s most relevant books (among which the ones containing the texts used for the performance) and a visual piece from the Augmented Writing project.

Upcoming in 2017: Text-enhancing Devices, Alessandro De Francesco’s one-year solo show as a carte blanche and residency project at Anima Ludens space in Brussels directed by François de Coninck ( The project, co-curated by François de Coninck and Gregory Lang, will feature exhibitions, lectures, performances, screenings… More info coming soon.

© Alessandro De Francesco, Remote Vision – A collective reading environment, Kunsthalle Basel, May 2016.
Photo: Karin Ospelt.
Courtesy the artist and Solang Production Paris Brussels.
Alessandro De Francesco (Italy, 1981, lives in Brussels and Basel) is a poet, artist and essayist. Since 2008 Alessandro is an artist-in-residence and visiting professor at the European Graduate School and he has been an artist-in-residence a.o. at the international BeHave program, Luxembourg, at the STEIM Amsterdam and at the Kunsthalle Mulhouse. His work was showcased in venues such the Kelly Writers House at U-Penn, the Fondation Louis Vuitton, the Centre Pompidou, the Panacée in Montpellier, the Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art in Strasbourg, the Berlin University of the Arts, the Kunsthalle Basel, and elsewhere. Among his recent books: Continuum. Writings on Poetry as Artistic Practice (The Hague: Uitgeverij, 2015), La Vision à distance (Paris: MIX., 2015) and Remote Vision (New York: Punctum Books, 2016).

Audrey Illouz, article in Art Même 70 – Summer 2016 (pdf)