Né en Belgique, 1979

Since we keep moving trough an era of increasing rush and intense, unsettling and very rapid change, many artists respond by exploring the subtle and ‘slow’ characteristics of things.

In a similar response and in resistance to a tendency of demystification, I explore and accentuate the subtle and hidden characteristics of the landscape in particular. I want to translate the complexity of a certain geo-political and geo-social reality into a general reflection on the ‘innocent’ landscape, the landscape as a bearer of meaning. I’m interested in the suggestive and evocative qualities of the landscape, and its audiovisual aspects in general. How is a landscape coded, and how does man relate to the landscape? How do we shape the landscape, what traces do we leave or how do we interfere with the landscape? And what do we experience in confrontation with a landscape?

In my abstraction of reality I imply a constant, repetitive, but yet static world. I explore the relation between vision and sound, the vague boundaries of the visible and the audible, and I tend to move on a thin line between the moving and the static image. The audience needs to complete the blurred ‘gestalt’, decode the spatial ambiguities, assume presences and see trough all omissions and shortenings. Between the hasty atmospherical, though everlasting and almost frozen cinematic moment rules a strong individual sense of space and time. Listening and watching becomes intense, intimate, alienative, contemplative and almost tangible in the context of an undisturbed stillness.