1981                                             born in Dschangi – Dscher, Kyrgyzstan

2001 – 2003                             Studies of History at the Westfälische-Wilhelms-Universität Münster and

Visual Arts at the Kunstakademie Münster

2004                                           Internship at acp – Australian Center for Photography, Sydney

Guest Student at the National Art School, Sydney

2004 – 2009                              Visual Arts at Kunstakademie Düsseldorf

2006                                           Internship at Index – The Swedish Contemporary Art Foundation, Stockholm

2008                                           Meisterschülerin (honorary titel)

2009                                           Akademiebrief  (diploma)



2012                                             North Rhine – Westphalia Award for Visual Arts

2012                                             Shortlisted for Dorothea von Stetten Kunstpreis

2012                                             TRANSFER – Korea/NRW, Seoul

2012 – 2013                                 HISK – Higher Institute for Fine Arts, Ghent, Belgium

2011                                             Project Scholarship Kunststiftung NRW

2010                                            Nam June Paik Young Talents Award

2010                                            Working Grant Kunststiftung NRW

2009 – 2011                                Wilhelm- Lehmbruck Scholarship

2009                                           Audi Art Award

2009                                           Award for Visual Art of the Federal Ministry for Education and Research



 2013                                             NRW Förderpreisträger, Kornelimünster, Aachen/ Germany (mit Jan Paul Evers)

Architecture, Anyone? Het Paviljoen, Ghent/ Belgium (in collaboration with Clare Noonan)

New Positions, Art Cologne with COSAR HMT, Cologne/ Germany

2012                                             Rehearsal, COSAR HMT, Düsseldorf/ Germany

CINEORAMA – Pavilion of Moving Images, a project at the Jacobigarten, Düsseldorf/ Germany (in cooperation with Philipp Fürnkäs)

2011                                             Hosted by/ Dissolved Territories, MAP – Markus Ambach Projekte, Düsseldorf/ Germany (with Kasper Akhoj)

Erika Hock: Shifters, Wilhelm Lehmbruck – Museum, Duisburg/ Germany (C)

2010                                            Substitute & Replacement, Kuttner Siebert Gallery, Berlin/ Germany

clear of clouds, Bell Street Project Space, Vienna/ Austria (with Frauke Dannert)

2009                                           Playstation, Fons Welters Gallery, Amsterdam/ Netherlands (with Sarah-Jane Hoffmann)

002  – FAK, Förderverein für aktuelle Kunst e. V., Münster/ Germany (with Andreas Kurz)

2008                                           CoolTools, Baustelle Schaustelle, Raum für Junge Kunst, Essen/ Germany

würdest du bitte, Garage/ DinA4 Projekte, Munich/ Germany (with Sebastian Wickeroth)

2007                                            Okzident grotesk, reinram e. V., Düsseldorf/ Germany (with Klara Adam)


2013                                             Diplomats and Martyrs, German Embassy, London, UK (upcoming)

blowing the whistle, Philara – Collection of Contemporary Art, Düsseldorf

Defining Space, Die Bastei, Cologne/ Germany

Geometrie Variable, Les Crayeres, Reims/ France

2012                                             Dorothea von Stetten Kunstpreis 2012, Kunstmuseum Bonn/ Germany (C)

Nam June Paik Award 2012/ Förderpreis 2010, Kunstmuseum Bochum/ Germany (C)

The Reality of the Unbuilt, Haus für Musiker/Raketenstation, Stiftung Insel Hombroich, Neuss/ Germany

he/she/it/did/said/would, Tenderpixel Gallery, London/ UK (curated by  JL Murtaugh)

Orchesterwechsel, Sammlung Rheingold at Schloss Dyck, Germany (C)

2011                                             Sammlung im Prozess: Neupräsentation und Leihgaben, Skulpturenmuseum Glaskasten, Marl/ Germany

the shape of forms to come, Kuttner Siebert Gallery, Berlin/ Germany

sunbeam in the glasshouse, a project at the former US Consulate General, Düsseldorf/ Germany  (curated by Julia Ritterskamp for 701. e.V.) (C)

 Sample, Galeriehaus in der Lindemannstraße, 2 OG, Berlin/ Germany (curated by J. Wielgus and J. Wiedenhoeft)

2010                                            5 X 3, Kunstraum, Düsseldorf/ Germany (curated by Gunnar Friel)

Unser System, Kuttner Siebert Gallery, Berlin/ Germany

2009                                           along the rhine, KIT – Kunst im Tunnel, Düsseldorf/ Germany

19. Bundeswettbewerb: KunststudenInnen stellen aus,

Kunst- und Ausstellungshalle der BRD, Bonn/ Germany (C)

2008                                           kleinere Arbeiten, raum500, Munich/ Germany

unsculptured, Galeria Atelier35, Bukarest/ Romania

High Beam, A Temporary Project at the Immermannstraße, Düsseldorf/ Germany

Highlights of German Academies, atelierberlin, Dina4 Projekte, Berlin/ Germany

62. Bergische Kunstausstellung, Museum Baden, Solingen and

Städtische Galerie Remscheid/ Germany (C)

2007                                            KlasseKamp, Seewerk, Moers/ Germany (C)

Thick cut, KIK Projektraum Düsseldorf, Germany

as Gesetz der guten Gestalt, KunstKlubBerlin, Berlin, Germany